Hi ya’ll! Welcome to Eat Joyfully!

Almost a year ago I found myself setting out on a new adventure. An Alabama girl, born and raised, I was on the verge of graduating from college and moving out to California for graduate school. Now, living on the West Coast, I find myself in need of a diversion. An outlet for the frustration and isolation that comes with such a huge life transition. In a place where I am very much an outsider, in a program that is constantly pushing for more, I found food and Christ as a refuge. The recipes here have become comfort foods in a way, as I create my own life so far from home. Some are family recipes, influenced by my culinary heritages–  Deep South and Sicilian; others are of my own creation–  adapted from the recipes of others and drawing on traditional flavors and combinations from around the world.

So who am I?

Destin, FLAs I sit down to write this, I can’t help but feel awkward. I would say, “my name is Katie Phillips, and I love Latin,” but that sounds way too much like my kindergarten attempt at an autobiography.

I’ve just received a masters degree from the Classics department at Stanford University. But this isn’t a C.V…..

I am Alabama native, an older sister to two of the kindest women I know, my mom’s spitting image, and my dad’s first daughter.

Sistas! Me, Carol Anne, and Carmen (from left to right)

Sistas! Me, Carol Anne, and Carmen (from left to right)

I am teacher, and always always a learner. I love learning about new food cultures, new ingredients, and new cooking techniques! Aside from my obsession with food, I also love: Jesus, Audrey Hepburn and Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray (my two pet frogs), my loving BF William who is always encouraging and supportive, my herb garden (does this count as the food obsession??), and ancient Roman writers when they’re at their snarkiest.


So, welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy these recipes and the little snippets of my life that come along with them!


In love, Christ, and cooking,



P.S. Feedback regarding these recipes is always appreciated, so if you do try something, let me know how it turns out!




  1. It is hard to live in one state & move to another that is so completely alien to you. I’m a Vermonter living in your home state of Alabama. I’ve been in Birmingham twenty years now & I still feel like an outsider…But a lot of the things i love about Vermont…fresh foods, farmer’s markets, small towns, locally owned business seem to be growing by leaps & bounds & I’ve decided to share Birmingham Alabama as the outside that i am, to show the positives & uniqueness of living my life here. Thank you for the follow & I look forward to seeing more of your posts! ~amy

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