Scrumptious Smoothies: Strawberry Banana


Banan Strawberry Smoothie


When I lived on the East Coast, I was obsessed with Planet Smoothie. Their Leapin’ Lizard smoothie was the greatest thing since sliced bread and I just could not get enough of it.

After moving out to the West Coast, I tried Jamba Juice and Smoothie King, but was not satisfied.  Jamba Juice has great ingredients, but unless that smoothie is made of pure gold, it is (in my opinion) waaaay overpriced! Smoothie King is just- well, no.


So, after buying my blender I got to work trying to recreate the Leapin’ Lizard!


The result is kind of a smoothie, but it’s definitely on the border between smoothie and fruit drink. It’s very thin and not creamy, just juicy!


Strawberry Banana Smoothie

(makes two!)


1 cup frozen strawberries*
2 frozen bananas*
1 cup orange juice

Banana Strawberry Smoothie


First, freeze the strawberries and the  peeled bananas. The bananas should be frozen through, but the strawberries need time to defrost a bit before you use them.


Take out the strawberries and the bananas. Sliced the bananas while the strawberries defrost and put them into the blender.

Using your sharpest knife, cut off the stems of the strawberries. Place those into the blender along with the bananas.

Add in the OJ and blend! You can add more OJ if you want, but I really love that strawberry-banana flavor, and I didn’t want it to be overpowered by the orange.



Banana Strawberry Smoothie


*You can use frozen fruit for this, but I prefer fresh fruit that has been prepared, then placed in the freezer for a few hours. At least here in California, fresh fruit also tends to be less expensive than frozen fruit.



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