Grandma’s Cure for the Common Cold


One thing that people do not tell you about teaching that they really should is that you will be exposed to the largest array of resistant-strain colds, flues, bugs, and God knows what else. It’s somewhat of an occupational hazard. Despite my fervent attempts at employing the use of hand sanitizer and germ-killing sprays, I have fallen sick, overtaken by whatever illness is running rampant through my place of work this week.

The long sleeves of my jackets have nobly been subjected to these germs, as I pull them over my hands to open every door and drawer, to push every button. I refused to let my unprotected skin touch anything that these children have also touched. Alas, the struggle has ended with my defeat, and oh, what a horrific defeat it is. I have been wracked with coughing fits, endured chills and night sweats, and a mighty congestion the likes of which my body has never endured before.

Children get sick on a level that is so completely foreign to me. I, in my adulthood, have suffered on very few occasions from debilitating illnesses, but most typically from slight malaise. This is a sickness on a whole new level. If children were natural experts in anything that thing would be the art of getting sick. They are the best at this skill, and I am even convinced at times that they come out ahead of the elderly.

But enough about my illness! I realize I have been slacking and I have not been updating the blog as well as I should. Today, I thought I would post something that has been particularly relevant in my life as of late. This recipe is one that my family has used for a long time to aid in fighting colds and flues and bugs. It is an extremely comforting drink for me, and I find that it is the perfect drink to share with others as flu season kicks into high gear.

One thing you will notice is that there are no pictures in this recipe. Unfortunately, being sick has really worn me out and I haven’t been able to take pictures of this process. (Truth be told, I haven’t even been making them! I taught the BF how to do it and he has been amazing in helping to take care of me while I’m down for the count!)

Honey, Bourbon, and Water


1 shot bourbon (or whiskey, if you prefer)
3/4 cup warm water
1 tablespoon honey

First, measure your bourbon and water into a cup and mix them together. Microwave this for 30 seconds. Then, add in the honey and stir. The mixture will be very hot, but it is so comforting and it feels so good on your throat!

This drink is definitely not one that’s going to get you drunk, it is just comforting and warm. It has been perfect on these cold, desert nights when I am feeling especially wiped out by body aches, congestion, coughing, and a fever.

Also, for anyone who isn’t sick and just needs a great excuse to have some good bourbon, this makes an excellent alternative to late night hot cocoa! It’s warm and fairly rich, which makes a for a great, soothing drink.

Yours in germs and Clorox,



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