Cherry Ginger Cocktail

ginger cherryI have decided that I love cherries!

Do not take this the wrong way. I hate this pathetic excuse for food:

cherry gingerSoaked in weird sugar juice and some kind of chemical syrup, maraschino cherries have been the bane of my existence for decades. I have found these sneaky little buttons of nastiness in many desserts and hiding in the bottom of many drinks over the years. So, you can imagine my hesitation when the BF approached me about trying one of them.

“These are different,” he insisted, “so fresh and juicy, the way that fruit should be!”

Finally, I gave in. Boy, am I glad I did!! So many culinary doors were opened in that one, deliciously juicy bite!

These are no ordinary cherries! (Or should I say that the science-fiction monstrosities pictured above are not ordinary cherries?)

Good, real cherries have a pulpy texture like plums. They are juicy and can be darker red to almost a yellowy-orange. Also, they are much much bigger than maraschino cherries, and seldom have a perfectly, artificially even coloring.

cherry ginger

This cocktail is delicious and refreshing, great for Independence Day! The ginger ale really brings out the intricacy of the cherry flavor, and mellows out even low quality vodkas.

Cherry Ginger Cocktail
Makes one 2-shot drink

8 fresh cherries
2 shots vodka
2 ice cubes
ginger ale
sugar for rimming the glass

cherry gingerFirst, rim the glass with sugar. I’ve started to wipe the rim with a damp paper towel and then just dip it in sugar.

cherry gingerNext, pit the cherries. Cut them in half and dig out the pit manually. (I certainly don’t own a cherry-pitter and I found that it was actually very easy to do this the old fashioned way.)

cherry gingerAfter all of the cherries have been pitted, squeeze them with your fingers into a small measuring cup. You want to get as much juice out as you can, and then just throw the pulp in with the juice. Note: Pitting and squeezing  out cherry juice is a messy messy process! It won’t stain counter tops or cutting boards, but I would be careful with your clothes!

cherry gingerNext, pour the the mixture through a strainer and into your rimmed glass. You may need to press it down into the strainer with your fingers to get the last bits of juice out.

cherry gingerFinally, add in the vodka, ice cubes, and top it off with the ginger ale!

cherry ginger




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