Monday Funday: Citrus Drop Cocktail

citrus cocktailToday was my final day of Finals, so I am dubbing it ‘Monday Funday’! I thought I would add a special cocktail that, although it does take a little more effort than most, is deliciously dangerous (read: doesn’t taste like alcohol at all).

This cocktail has lime, lemon, and orange flavors all mixed in, and it is made with simple syrup. I have included my recipe for simple syrup, but it makes way more syrup that you would need for one of these drinks. I usually just store simple syrup in the fridge and it keeps very well, which makes the second batch of citrus drop cocktails that much easier! However, if you want to make less and not have leftovers, the ratio is simply 1:1,  sugar:water. I used half dark brown sugar and half white sugar because I like my simple syrup to be really strongly flavored with that nice brown-caramel-iness!

In the ingredients, I use the term ‘shot’ as a measurement. I rechecked all of my shot glasses to make sure that these drinks will all come out the same, and they will: 1 shot = 1.5 fluid ounces.

One last warning: this is technically a 3-shot drink, so you’ll need big glasses and maybe a chaperone? 😉

Citrus Drop Cocktail
Makes one 3-shot drink!


For the simple syrup:
1 cup water
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup dark brown sugar

For the drink:
1/4 cup lime juice
1 shot lemon juice (I just used juice from those plastic lemon bottles)
1 shot simple syrup
1 shot Cointreau (or any orange liqueur)
2 shots vodka (you can use anything here, because the flavor doesn’t really come through all that much)

citrus cocktailFirst, make the simple syrup: in a pot over medium heat, combine the water and the sugars, and heat it to a rolling boil. If you plan on keeping the simple syrup in the fridge, you might want to add a splash of vodka to act as a natural preservative. Continue to stir the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved and then set it aside to let it cool.  By my estimations, if you want to use all of the resulting simple syrup for drinks, this recipe is enough for about 7 drinks, each with 1 shot of simple syrup.

citrus cocktail

If you’re using fresh limes, squeeze the juice into a liquid measuring cup. (Once again, these desert limes took forever to squeeze out manually and it took about 4-6 limes to get only a 1/4 cup of juice! All ya’ll who don’t live in the desert, be grateful!) Pour the lime juice into a separate cup along with the lemon juice, simple syrup, Cointreau, and vodka.

citrus cocktailAdd the liquid along with a few ice cubes to a shaker and shake it up!

citrus cocktailOnce the drink has been mixed and thoroughly cooled, it is ready to be served. This drink is a totally random creation that my boyfriend came up with one night, so there is no wrong way to serve it! I like to serve it in giant martini glasses with sugar-coated rims, but it could just as easily be served humbly on the rocks in a tumbler.

citrust cocktailHave it any way you like it, and enjoy!

citrus cocktail




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