The Simplest Cocktail: Vodka & Lime

vodka limeIt is almost Friday! As the weekend approaches and a long week comes to a close, a nice, refreshing cocktail certainly sounds amazing. AND as a continuation of the Cinco de Mayo theme, I felt this the perfect opportunity to introduce the most refreshing and simplest of all cocktails: the Vodka & Lime.

This recipe is a little bit different from a typical V&L in that I like to add a little sugar. Think: Lemon Drop Martini but with vodka instead of gin and lime instead of lemon.

A warning though, this cocktail doesn’t really hide the vodka flavor, so if you don’t have good vodka or don’t like vodka at all, this might not be the drink for you!

Though limes do not cover up alcohol flavors as much as lemons do, this is still very refreshing and it always makes me think of the amazing limeades I used to get over the summer down south!

Vodka & Lime
Makes one 2-shot drink

2 shots vodka (we like Svedka or Grey Goose here, anything is good as long as it’s got a flavor that you can actually stand because it’s not going to get hidden by the lime)
2 large limes (because of the California drought, we have tiny mutant drought limes this season and have to use 4 per drink!)
2 ice cubes
1 pinch + 1 plate sugar (for rimming the glass)

vodka limeFirst, prepare the glass. Pour a light layer of sugar onto a plate and dampen the rim of the glass (I usually do this by soaking a paper towel in water and pressing the glass, rim-side down, into the paper towel). Then twist the rim of the glass into the sugar to get that nice, fancy-looking trim.

vodka limeCut the limes into halves and squeeze the juice into a measuring cup. Throw a pinch of sugar into the glass (more than that if you’re me); then, using a strainer, pour the juice into the glass. Add the vodka and ice cubes. If you’re really feeling fancy, you can decorate the trimmed glass with a wedge of lime!

Drink up!

vodka lime



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